The Lazy Baker.

“The Scenarios of awkward automation”

I’ve always kept myself away with the idea of being one of these miracle stupidities–1st- Driving under the influence.2nd- Being under the influence. Lemme talk about the first one-DUI is a famous term, but it isn’t used universally.After being a citizen of the country with one of the highest road accident death rates, I don’t… Continue Reading →

Gibbering “Torrent”

Nowadays, “security patch updates are more abnormal and harmful than most of the viruses”.. BTW, You guys already know about “Bit-Torrent”. My love for this platform is as much as my hatred for “IOS”!(no offense to its users).Let me introduce a bit– Bit-Torrent is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing, which enablesusers to distribute… Continue Reading →

Mr. Zuckburger! The Tracking “BUG”

These tactics… uh not everyone’s cup of TEA!!. In a real sense!!? You’re revealing to me that I was worth $55 when Mr. Zuck. Acquired WhatsApp? Is that the case? Yes, they bought us, the USERS!! There is little context to understand the policies of the signal app and WhatsApp. The web is significantly represented… Continue Reading →


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Hi, I’m Tanishq. Previously a believer , I became illimitable with thought process in 2018. I spend most of my time with studies(IT) and my boundless thinking of various senseless problems around the world but, this blog is for my vast ideas about everything whether it’s Tech , Religion , Socialism , Astronomy , Entertainment and stuff . Sharing my favorites with you!

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