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Gibbering “Torrent”

Nowadays, “security patch updates are more abnormal and harmful than most of the viruses”. BTW, You guys already know about “Bit-Torrent”. My love for this platform is as much as my hatred for “IOS”!(no offense to its users).Let me introduce a bit-Bit-Torrent is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing, which enablesusers to distribute data… Continue Reading →

Mr. Zuckburger! The Tracking “BUG”

These tactics… uh not everyone’s cup of TEA!! In a real sense!!? You’re revealing to me that I was worth $55 when Mr. Zuck. Acquired WhatsApp? Is that the case? Yes, they bought us, the USERS!! There is little context to understand the policies of the signal app and WhatsApp. The web is significantly represented… Continue Reading →

“sTALking GooGLing”

Googling everything is common now.It’s like steadfast medication… There was this guy(no longer alive) whoonce slit the throat of his best friend while being drunk & you’ll bebaffled to know that the next thing he did was to search how to clean the excess of “BLOOD”.. One thing can be drawn from this occurrence 1)-… Continue Reading →

Resemblance of human talk & artificial intelligence.

Hey, Cortana buiytch!! play urban cradles!!Cortana— dude, chill… be humble… I’m playing… Alexa!! you’re excessively moderate…Alexa replied– “sorry boss I’m attempting however, you too aren’t flash or something..” Google assistant… yes, how may I help you?read my emails… ask the owner… assistant.. is that excessively intense for you to do..? ..? In the event that… Continue Reading →


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