Resemblance of human talk & artificial intelligence.

Hey, Cortana buiytch!! play urban cradles!!Cortana--- dude, chill… be humble… I'm playing… Alexa!! you're excessively moderate…Alexa replied-- "sorry boss I'm attempting however, you too aren't flash or something.." Google assistant… yes, how may I help you?read my emails… ask the owner.… assistant.. is that excessively intense for you to do..? ..? He was baffled to... Continue Reading →

Exploring the”EXPLORER” who failed to explore demands.

What is it like to be slow?or being phrased as umm.. "look at that, "slower than a turtle!!"It's terribleand why shouldn't it be?The equivalent had been the story for our dearest "INTERNET EXPLORER"(Microsoft edge now).Ohh..wait yes! yes.!'re processing fine, I am talking about thethe browser which generated google chrome or your preferred browser at whatever... Continue Reading →

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