Gibbering ‘”Torrent”‘

Nowadays, “security patch updates are more abnormal and harmful than most of the viruses”.. BTW, You guys already know about “Bit-Torrent”. My love for this platform is as much as my hatred for “IOS”!(no offense to its users).Let me introduce a bit– Bit-Torrent is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing, which enablesusers to distribute […]

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Top trusted and tested VPN services-(Your privacy your headache!) :-

I understand that you need a list of top VPN services to save you the struggle to scrape the internet and browse the dark web & . private sites safely. So, here I’m presenting the list of best VPN services after gaining a commendable experience on the darknet. I have compiled the most trusted VPN service providers to save you from the […]

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While working on a web. project I felt the requirement for vast animations which wasn’t  easily possible with SASS & Bootstrap. Since, CSS had confined choices for content animation so I moved towards “jQuery” Even though I never worked with jQuery before yet, it was pretty easy to play with its effects. So, let’s get started- I’ll show this inside the HTML file since the majority of students work with it. (For the application, I’ll update it in another post). Open the index.html file within your favorite text editor( Visual studio preferred). Forex- I’ll work with […]

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Bit wondering about “True threat Caller!”

Images source- Tor browser.. A web insightnfirm named Cyble has hailed a criminal to offer Truecaller records of 4.75 Cr Indians on the Darknet Markets. The Truecaller information was sold on the dark web for a pitiful sum of fair Rs. 77,000. In spite of the fact that after the lead, the Sweden based caller recognizable proof app has clearly denied any breaches that might have happened to its database.. Cyble has too expressed that the information put up on deal on the dark web incorporates a assortment of data. They say the information are: City, Sexual […]

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“Inadequacy” of 24hrs/day

I barely come over individuals who say they have sufficient time to do things they need to do. And the truth is that most of us feel crunched for time. Don’t we?We have an extensive rundown of projects to finish, notifications to react to, non-work responsibilities. What’s more, we .haven’t started discussing other stuff like […]

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Inclination of “COPYRIGHT”

“Word is that they utilized one line of our script/code/tune” Are you certain?“Sure as fallen angel’s presence!” answered somebody. Ooh..lets f**ing sue them… Sometimes it’s quite difficult for me to grasp the fact that how tough it is to build your understanding/thought towards the project you’re taking a shot at but, with someone else’s , […]

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Pre-occupied lens.

Hope you doing great! Things have changed in the past few days coz, I was excessively taking a shot at a project(dev.).. Presently, while searching for images & wandering around information on the web, I was hauled towards something great. I was kinda shy of some helpful and “cold” prompt however, coincidently I met somebody […]

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“How about I provide you some motivation by uttering a story/context/timeline ?” said Person A to individual B.Individual B: Can you? I’ll be very glad to hear it as I am having a tough time… Ten! yes! 10! you sure? On the off chance that we talk about recent years, at that point the need […]

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Exploring the “EXPLORER” who failed to explore demands.

What is it like to be slow?or being phrased as umm.. “look at that, “slower than a turtle!!”It’s terribleand why shouldn’t it be?The equivalent had been the story for our dearest “INTERNET EXPLORER”(Microsoft edge now).Ohh..wait yes! yes.!’re processing fine, I am talking about thethe browser which generated google chrome or your preferred browser at whatever […]

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