Self-Immolation of “privacy”

What characterizes privacy? Adults/Teenagers closing their room(allowed personally by guardians), Keeping weed, meth, etc inside your locker(praying for their secret's long health), Encrypted d: drive within pc, what? Well, anything you desire unlisted or inconspicuous by others. It doesn't make a difference if the thing/data you wanna stow away involves disgrace or not, in the... Continue Reading →

The idiosyncrasy of “Quitting”

Suggestions & improvement are welcome- A few things in our world are misrepresented. For ex- Football( kidding). When we move ahead towards something modern, at that point obstacles in most cases are related to OUR course in individual and we're told that NO MATTER WHAT, wrap up what you started. So, you must be pondering what's something modern? We have as of now been tuning in to this since 3rd grade.But, is it okay... Continue Reading →

Uncanny truth of “The INTERNET”.

Disclaimer. The information provided by author on this website(  is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation of any kind, express or implied, regarding the completeness of any information on the Site. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss... Continue Reading →

The utter need to tackle “TROLL”.

//SUGGESTIONS & IMPROVEMENTS ARE WELCOME Here we are!! almost with the uncertainty of " will, we defeat this pandemic or it will swallow us". Well, I don"t think about living or being dead any time it just flow should be continuous. Now, it isn't only challenges (a genuine one) we face everyday, you must be... Continue Reading →


Whether buying a new car, hiring a job candidate, or getting married, people assume they can and will use more information to make their decisions than they actually do, according tbo the research. "Sometimes people need a lot of information to get an accurate reading, and sometimes people don't need much information at all to... Continue Reading →


Now you can have two things in mind that I recently updated or added this blogger post just because there wasn't much of a need for something else since I've been doing many things and TV series is one of them so. time....😔😔 Feeling unusual....

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