Shoving the “Premium” member.

“Subscribe to our premium services” – You guys keep getting those crappy messages from different applications. Right?

  • Date someone for a year that’s a relationship. Date them for a month and that’s a Spotify premium free trial

Sup, what’s this all about? 

First of all, what’s the difference between subscription and premium? 

Subscription is opting for a service.

Premium is getting extra features & deals from the provider of that service

Subscription may or may not be paid.

Premium is always paid. 

My premium channel!

Coming to why several orgs. came up with the plan of premium membership-  “MONEY” 

Money talks everywhere. You’re fooled with all those adv. & marketing (including me). 

They make you believe that opting premium will lessen your expense with more services. 

I’ll be honest, “the more” services part is quite fairly true but, what you pay is way more than the services you’re acquiring & yet you think it’s a fair deal. 

I won’t blame you. Your money is your choice. 

After the surge of the internet in 2012, people started using various applications. 

Major ones include, amazon, uber, linkedin, p**hub, spotify, youtube & blah many more. 

There’s only one thing connecting them & trust me it’s   not the quality of product or content it’s the      

“Join our premium membership” part. 

I don’t need to describe what you all will get after joining membership of any one of these or other. 

Guess you’re familiar with that. 

“”””””My nieces asked me to kill a wasp for them…

I told the that that’s a feature of “Uncle Premium” and their attitudes only get them the basic subscription!””’

Only thing I don’t like about spotify is its filthy ads & prime members of amazon getting early access to deals. But! They paid. Me too.

Sometimes you’re so annoyed & just spend those savings on premium. I understand. 

One day there will be a tag of premium on the human body & that’s the part I’m afraid about. 

Take care. 


7 thoughts on “Shoving the “Premium” member.

Add yours

  1. Tanishq, this is a very interesting and innovative post.
    “Uncle Premium” – Hilarious!
    I’m guilty of being a premium member too. Why? Because in basic you get nothing. Isn’t that the idea?
    We’re all being fooled because no one resists the herd mentality. Oh well, there are greater perils, but this can’t be ignored either. I love how you infuse humor into serious issues. Very effective. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Questioning the lesser wrong maintains the balance. I too have the premium subscription of many platforms. Some seem wrong to opt while others are right. At the end of the day, it’s our choice.
    Thanks for the appreciation.
    Have a good day ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was haha awesome & pretty much true. The basic & premium plans differs too much in customer’s view yet the finance difference is too less.
    Thanks for passing by.


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