The “truth”? See for yourself~

Do you think the truth is real?

But, what is the truth? 

There are always three sides to the story:



~And, what actually happened. 

In real life, the TRUTH is whatever you’re comfortable with. 

So little! Bits & pieces

You never give out all the information that you have so that you can avoid being vulnerable. Ask yourself? 

No one remembers any event as exactly as it happened. 

Every time you tell a story, you unintentionally (or intentionally) end up modifying it to better suit your audience or purpose. 

We have the possibility to alter and ended up way better as our truths do the same. In the event that the supreme truth truly existed, a time would come when we’d come to a standstill and we could go no further. Imagine how unpleasant life would be.

A few days ago, I came across this beautiful piece- 

If we’re seeing “a few bad apples” every 28 hours, at what point do we look at the apple tree and questions the health of its root? 

Truth exists the same way. 

At last, remember ~ It’s not necessary to utter the “truth” but, it’s mandatory not to go with “LIE”

36 thoughts on “The “truth”? See for yourself~

  1. That’s so true. This is why I can’t watch shows like “Law and Order” or “Thin Blue Line” because the narration and the story line are somehow leading gullible audience into certain conclusions. Also our school and our books and our history too. It gives an air of finality and authority. However there are a lot of shades in a given story and we should always be so vigilant.

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  2. Every tv show & movie along with history books doesn’t even provide the actual truth.
    They just love the manipulation of our minds.
    It’s always biased in accordance with the ruling power.
    That’s why it’s important to think of every side before coming to a conclusion.
    Thanks, haoyando, for your insightful thoughts as always.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  3. That’s so simple n sweet of a big story of both sides against the actual story of what has happened yet it’s all efforts are bits n pieces to pick it with no void of lies. Well penned Abhi.

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  4. Every situation must be dealt with accurately & truthfully.
    However, the time we’re living in, presents the exact opposite.

    Thank you, Suma. Your view point is excellent as always.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  5. Herein lies a lot of wisdom. The truth usually never proceeds without being tainted. Multiple versions governed by multiple judgments and perspectives.
    Great sharing, Tanishq. 🙂

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  6. That is the harsh reality. Often, people don’t understand the consequences of one modified forward. That’s why I added~ “It’s not necessary to utter the “truth” but, it’s mandatory not to go with “LIE”…
    Thank you, Terveen.
    Much appreciated🙏

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  7. 💜 My “Truth” unless CONVINCED!!! OtherWise; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Knowledge is UseLess WithOut Wisdom


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  8. 💜 The Only Constant is Change; therefore “Truth” Changes; that is ALL, very good, carry on


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  9. 💜 Be True To YOU!!! EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that AnyThing Else is Madness


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