“The Scenarios of awkward automation”

I’ve always kept myself away with the idea of being one of these miracle stupidities
1st- Driving under the influence.
2nd- Being under the influence.

Lemme talk about the first one-
DUI is a famous term, but it isn’t used universally.
After being a citizen of the country with one of the highest road accident death rates, I don’t need to describe many things about DUI.

But still, operating a vehicle under the influence of any inebriating substance,
from alcohol to weed, from prescription drugs to illegal ones, constitutes a DUI.
“Everything is blurred and boom!!”

Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes.

These awful statistics are ketchup for fries(automotive transport), pushing car manufacturers
towards making completely autonomous vehicles.

Thinking everytime!

But, ever wondered how do these DUI laws apply on the off chance that you’re not the one driving the car?
Let’s take a closer to see how DUI laws will likely adjust as self-driving cars gotten to be more standard.

If we consider 5 levels of automation till now then, 1st one refers to fully manual control &
5th one is fully automated. (driver can sleep, more or less)

Right now, with Level 2 and 3 autonomy, standard DUI laws will apply since the driver has got to be prepared
to require over-driving at any given instance.

Being together

Once we reach Level 4 autonomy, things will get a little umm say jumbled.
Level four implies that it’ll be tougher to prove that someone was actually in control of the vehicle while under the influence.
It’s too early to speculate how government can handle these cases, however the foremost probably
state of affairs is that these vehicles can come back equipped with sensors
that observe once the driver’s hands are on the wheel or not.

If lawmakers will prove that the driver was under the
influence, even though the vehicle is autonomous, they’ll be able to build a DUI charge stick.

Once we tend to reach Level five autonomy,
this can probably be a moot purpose as a result of the vehicles
won’t be designed for any human interaction on the far side inputting a
destination. At that time, it becomes no completely different from drinking
within the back of an Audi on your thanks to a celebration whereas the caretaker
transports you safely to your destination.

So, many things considered, we’re going towards a drastic change which will benefit “STONERS” LOL.

It was a long break from blogs due to sem. exams but, I’m back!!

Have a good time ahead.

16 thoughts on ““The Scenarios of awkward automation”

  1. Life can not be totally automated there must be human involvement somewhere to run them. Coz man made technology is never equal to God’s creation. Very good article on hot current topic Abhi. Really there’s gonna be huge impact of this automation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely true Suma.
    100% automation will always have its flaws.
    It shouldn’t be implemented until unless there is zero percent chance of causality.
    Common man always needs healthy amount of time to adapt these changes.
    Thanks you for going through this post of mine.
    Have a good day ahead!


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