Parents “Trial” : My Honest Talk.

I’ve been thinking a lot less in recent time. Generally, I keep myself away from this mental well-being talking but honestly, For the past few days, a thought is keeping my mind engaged which is, “Should the success of children characterizes the ups & downs of parents’ fame & achievement ?”

Absorbs the prints of its handlers.

Kindly read the previous line again. It’s quite deep.

Why am I even saying this?

We’ve different religions, languages & cultures but, the only thing common between~ all of them is, they all say that “The accomplishment of child defines every parent success” which I think is crap or should be considered again.

The values to cherish.

This whole thing is about one of my close friends and his failure occurred back in 2017 when he was unable to clear some entrance exams along with the bonus of getting failed in 12th std.

But, why the hell everyone targeted his parents? It was his failure!!

Why his parent’s fame was jeopardized just bcoz of him? They provide him everything.

My friend’s mother was HOD(physics) in a renowned institute back then. I heard many people saying that
“how she can be a good teacher when she couldn’t even guide her child”
This thing must be stopped or at least progress down a bit.

An unhappy alternative is before you!!!

Traditionally, career success should be defined for those who receive good salaries
for their jobs or have high positions and positions with more favorable responsibilities, motivation,
adequate distinction, progress & not with some child who failed.

All I want to say is that uhh we as human beings create our fate and fortune.
Children are just socialistic duty to keep the human chain alive.
With that socialistic duty, love and affection are good, to which I agree but individual indefatigability must also be kept in mind.

A couple’s parental failure shouldn’t be the measure of their hard work.

“There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for them,
I know that this is wrong.”

15 thoughts on “Parents “Trial” : My Honest Talk.

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  1. This post was based on an article which summarized how parents are targeted.
    Hope I was able to put my points correctly.
    Thanks for the appreciation!
    Have a great time ahead.😊


  2. So true.
    It’s sad that, in this world, we treat each other like commodities: our value goes up and down depending on what has happened. And sometimes what has happened is something we had no control over, or something someone else did. Truly sad.

    Liked by 1 person

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