“STALking GooGLing”

Googling everything is common now.
It’s like steadfast medication...

There was this guy(no longer alive) who
once slit the throat of his best friend while being drunk & you’ll be
baffled to know that the next thing he did was to search how to clean the excess of “BLOOD”…

One thing can be drawn from this occurrence 1)- Psychology – Murderer didn’t try to freeze coz, he had trust in google.

Woof!! so do you imply that google can likewise help us covering for a homicide?

I’ll say yes&no!

I am truth!!

In our general public, when we don’t know of something, we ask Google. Google spends its assets scouring the Web attempting to foresee what will be the most significant substance to show to users for their 4.1 billion search for each day.

Normally, Google’s estimates are precise, however, now and then they’re definitely not.


If you Google: “four presidents in Canada,” “are infants evil,” or other
phrases that express ideas that are racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc., you can see this effect in practice.

More importantly, after a shooting in the USA, factually incorrect Google results from “xyz” (a platform with a history of spreading fake news and best known for internet trolls) were featured in
Google’s “Top Stories” panel.
This shows that Google can present us information that is relevant—in the sense that the result is related in
some way to what was searched—but not necessarily accurate.

As of late google demonstrated Anushka Sharma(actress) as the spouse of Rashid khan(cricketer) which we all know ain’t true.

You can type anything on google it’ll show the result coz it’s for damn adv.

Suppose you’re a web developer in teaching.

Obviously, you need to promote locally.

The Google Display Network Is The Devil: How to Opt Out – Learn Something  New
I am no devil…

Google permits you to do that. You too can be quite certain with your search catchphrases.

What’s more, tailor your promotions to individuals who look for things
like: “best web developer teacher ” or “is there any web developer nearby.”
You aren’t limited to queries such as “developer” or “teacher.”
Google makes advanced targeting easy to do, and will even suggest additional keywords for your ad campaign.

If you’re reading this till now then sure you can understand why people search for medicine on google instead consulting a doctor.

Below are the things to try— (for the fun of course)–
Search for-

1)- Disadvantages of guardians…

2)- Disadvantages of spinach…

3)- how to execute my neighbor?…

—— —— ——-
You stop and stare at your decision one early
morning and wonder to yourself, what kind of
human search on google about “how to boil water” in the morning?
—— —— ——-


HAVE a great time ahead with cold sided pillow!!—-

4 thoughts on ““STALking GooGLing”

Add yours

  1. 🙂 I will admit that we can find lots of things on Google. However, I do not think that it would be a wise idea to Google how to murder someone.
    Because our search history can be linked back to us.
    Thanks for publishing an enjoyable post!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Yeah, I agree that’s a thing for sure. Monitoring of internet is quite good nowadays.
    It’ll be a foolish act.
    Even VPN companies are tracking our search history.
    But, I just wanted to describe the level of faith people have in google search.
    Although, I think that info related to these things should be taught at educational institutions. BTW,
    Thanks, @RenardMoreau for passing by and sharing your view.
    Have a good time ahead.

    Liked by 2 people

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