Pre-occupied lens.

Hope you doing great! Things have changed in the past few days coz, I was excessively taking a shot at a project(dev.). Presently, while searching for images & wandering around information on the web, I was hauled towards something great. I was kinda shy of some helpful and “cold” prompt however, coincidently I met somebody […]

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“How about I provide you some motivation by uttering a story/context/timeline ?” said Person A to individual B.Individual B: Can you? I’ll be very glad to hear it as I am having a tough time. Ten! yes! 10! you sure? On the off chance that we talk about recent years, at that point the need […]

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Exploring the”EXPLORER” who failed to explore demands.

What is it like to be slow?or being phrased as umm.. “look at that, “slower than a turtle!”It’s terribleand why shouldn’t it be?The equivalent had been the story for our dearest “INTERNET EXPLORER”(Microsoft edge now).Ohh..wait yes! yes!’re processing fine, I am talking about thethe browser which generated google chrome or your preferred browser at whatever […]

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Self-Immolation of “privacy”

What characterizes privacy? Adults/Teenagers closing their room(allowed personally by guardians), Keeping weed, meth, etc inside your locker(praying for their secret’s long health), Encrypted d: drive within pc, what? Well, anything you desire unlisted or inconspicuous by others. It doesn’t make a difference if the thing/data you wanna stow away involves disgrace or not, in the […]

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The idiosyncrasy of “Quitting”

Suggestions & improvement are welcome- Several things in our world are overrated. For ex- Football( kidding ).When we move ahead towards something new, then hurdles in most cases are related to OUR route in person and we’re told that NO MATTER WHAT, finish what you started.So, you must be wondering what’s something new? We have […]

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Uncanny truth of “The INTERNET”.

Disclaimer. The information provided by author on this website(  is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation of any kind, express or implied, regarding the completeness of any information on the Site. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss […]

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